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So I’ve been meaning to make this post a while ago, but life (aka paddling, portaging, drying clothes and doing it all over again the next day) has delayed me from doing so. I am able to do this trip because my employer, the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, has generously given me a three month sabbatical. At the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, I help to cordinate PDF’s Research Advocates, about 200 people with Parkinson’s and care partners from all across the country who help to bring about better treatments at a faster pace, to use our talking points lingo. Basically we help to pair them up with Parkinson’s researchers so they can share their perspective in order to reduce the barriers to research.

I am proud of to be a part of this work through PDF’s Parkinson’s Advocates in Research program, and I would like to take this opportunity to to continue to support this program while adventuring. Linnea and I decided to become PDF Champions to raise money that will go toward this program.

If you feel so inclined, please support us and PDF by going to You may not want to donate a dollar per mile (that would be about $2,300), but maybe a quarter ($575) or a dime ($230) per mile. Of course even just a penny for every mile we travel this summer would be a great help.

Thank you for your support!

Parkinson's Disease Foundation

4 thoughts on “Support Us and Parkinson’s Research Advocacy

  1. Wow, Dave, so excited to continue to read about your future adventures on the Mississippi. I have visions of Huck Finn in my head! I have shared the link to your blog on my FB page so others may be inspired by your journey. Best wishes for the rest of your journey!

  2. David, I am so so so so soooooo glad to hear you are portaging around the locks. I breathed a sigh of relief and now look forward to hearing about your adventure. Enough said.
    paula tomlin

    • Hi Paula — the portages were actually around dams in the very upper part of the river before the lock system starts in Minneapolis. We locked through Upper and Lower St. Anthony on Thursday, the lockmasters were really helpful and everything went smoothly. We did have to wait 45 minutes, though, for a barge to lock through in the other direction.

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