Not Quite Canoeing Weather

Our Canoe During a Snowstorm in April 2013

As we’ve enjoyed nearly 80-degree weather in New York, our canoe has been weathering a spring snowstorm in the backyard of Dave’s parents’ house in Minnesota. Word is that up in the Mississippi River headwaters, the ice on Lake Itasca is 30 inches thick and Itasca State Park is still buried under about 15 inches of snow. Ice out on the river is looking to be a bit late this year, but at this point launching our canoe over Memorial Weekend still seems quite feasible.

A park naturalist also gave us some unexpected bad news recently. A major windstorm blew through the stretch of river from Lake Itasca to Lake Bemidji last July, taking down hundreds of trees and making passage difficult-to-impossible. The naturalist was unsure if the damage will be cleaned up by May. We’re checking in with the area trails supervisor and crossing our fingers for good news.

(Photo courtesy of Dave’s favorite mom, Jo Behm.)

Updated, more ridiculous, pictures from April 19:

Our Canoe During a Snowstorm on April 19, 2013

Our Canoe During a Snowstorm on April 19, 2013

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