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Partial Gear List

  • 17′ Alumacraft from Spring Creek Outfitters in Mountain Iron, MN
  • 3 canoe paddles
  • 2 personal flotations devices (PFDs, for those in the know)
  • Bike lock for the canoe
  • Seattle Sports Mighty Mite canoe cart
  • SealLine Black Canyon Boundary Dry Pack 115 L
  • Cooke Custom Sewing Pathfinder Thwart Bag
  • Uniden MHS75 VHF Waterproof Two-Way Marine Radio
  • PowerFilm R-7 7w Rollable Solar Panel Charger
  • Canoe car roof rack pads
  • Kelty Salida 2 tent
  • Big Agnes Air Core sleeping pads
  • Grand Trunk ultralight hammocks
  • Blue Tarp-brand 12×9 tarp
  • Counter Assault pepper spray for bears and crazies
  • MSR DragonFly backpacking stove
  • Bear bag and rope
  • White 6-gallon bucket for food storage
  • Camp Time Roll-A-Table
  • REI Camp Compact Chairs
  • Headlamps (Black Diamond Cosmo and Princeton Tec Fuel)
  • Leatherman Juice S2
  • Leatherman CS
  • Gerber 22-06009 L.S.T. Fine Edge Knife
  • GSI Pinnacle Dualist Cookset
  • OpenCountry 5-Cup Aluminum Camp Perk
  • Flasks (2)
  • Backlite Frypan
  • Reliance Products Aqua-Pak 5-gallon rigid water container (2)
  • Banjo
  • Ukulele

*We are not paid to endorse any of the companies or brands mentioned on this blog, but if any of them are interested being that kind of a thing our email is on the About page.

10 thoughts on “Resources

  1. David, Knowing that I am old enough to be your Mother … and grew up boating on the Mississippi, I feel compelled to share some river/lock etiquette. Have you gone through a lock on the Mississippi? If not and you are interested, let me know where to share. (The locks are also my greatest concern.)

    Aside from that … happy paddling!
    Paula Tomlin, PDF Research Advocate

    • We actually took a look at this site in our planning phase. It was a really great resource since I really didn’t know what to expect with dams.

  2. Linnea and Dave,

    You continue to amaze! Will send your blog and Parkinson’s support out
    to my interested citizens list. Hope the dollars start to roll in. I predict a
    spot on Anderson Cooper soon.

    Remember to take your vitamins and sing when you can.

    I watch with growing pride.


  3. Hi,
    Been following your journey down the river and enjoying your posts.
    I paddled my kayak down the river last summer under very different conditions (drought). I left Itasca on May 6 and arrived in NOLA July 12. A year ago today I was just south of Greenville, MS. after my longest paddle (nearly 80 miles). So many powerful memories (good and bad) continue to stir my imagination. Am just finishing a book which expanded my blog. You might enjoy checking it out, even though I haven’t added to it since my adventure ended. Feel free to add it to your “blogroll”.
    Happy and safe paddling!

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